Legion Exsilium is a group of casual fantasy war gamers. We loosely model ourselves after the Roman army but do not adhere to a historical Roman image.

Our fighting group participates within the Darkon Wargaming Club, a LARP organization with events in the Maryland and Virgina area. Fighting groups within Darkon are known as "countries", and Legion Exsilium was founded as a country in 2005 by a group of friends centered in the Baltimore area. We consider ourselves a family and we spend just as much time having fun outside of the game as we do fighting alongside each other on weekends. Our membership ranges from young gamers to professional adults who all have one common goal; having fun together.

Darkon focuses on fast paced medieval combat simulation with a healthy dose of live action role play. An average event involves groups of countries squaring off against each other while following an adventure plot. Participants are free to play the game any way they want, whether it be through roleplay or fighting on the field. Legion Exsilium focuses more on the fighting aspect of the game but members are encouraged to persue their interests whichever way fits them best.

If you are interested in joining Legion Exsilium or simply want to know us better feel free to message us with your name and contact info in our Guest Forum

If you are interested in knowing more about Darkon please visit the offical site at: